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  • Auckland Superstock Teams Nationals

    Steve The Maori's highlights from night 1 of the 2013 Superstock Teams Nationals from Waikaraka Park

  • World Midget 50 Lapper

    Petrolfumes full race video of the 2016 World Midget 50 Lapper from Western Springs Speedway

  • Speedway Grand Prix

    Full replay of the 2014 Speedway Grand Prix from Western Springs Speedway in Auckland


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  • International Midget Series 2015/16

    Year by Year look at the premier Midget series of the summer. Podium race history and some race summaries

  • Superstock Teams Nationals

    Podium history of the Auckland Superstock Teams Nationals

  • Springs Track Records

    All the Track Records from Western Springs Speedway