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Winged Thunder VII

An excellent piece on Seven Sharp set the scene for the latest edition of Winged Thunder at Harrisville Speedway. A good field of 18 Sprintcars showed with North Island champion 51m Rodney Wood the only driver not to start the main event. The crowd was very good with most staying for the duration on a long day of speedway action.

Click here for Percy's summary of the Sprintcar main event.

Superstock Teams

The annual Superstock Teams Nationals is the highlight of the Waikaraka Park calendar. For a variety of reasons Percy had decided to view this event via the live stream. Percy arrived home to a "you might want to sit down" moment. The live stream was a no go!

Unfortunately there wont be a review of the teams racing this weekend.

Barry Butterworth Memorial

Another excellent track greeted competitors for the running of the annual Barry Butterworth Memorial. The fastest to the rear race brings a different element. It's slightly more tactical and the quick guys have to read the race a little more to work out how top approach the early laps.

Click here for Percy's summary of the 40-lap race.

New Zealand Midget Title

Michael Pickens was the hottest of hot favourites. He was the lead kiwi in every international series race and just last weekend won the Australian title in a heart stopping finish. But in speedway nothing is guaranteed. With Brad Mosen, Hayden Williams, Brock Maskovich and Shayne Alach all in the field a 7th national title was no formality.

Click here for Percy's summary of the championship race.

Australian Speedcar Title

I think it's important to push yourself in life and expand your boundaries in life. In a Speedway sense for me that philosophy has taken me to 19 of our 24 Speedway New Zealand tracks, to the Chili Bowl and throughout Indiana and Illinois. The next logical extension is Australia and that journey is now underway courtesy of a trip to Sydney Speedway in Parramatta.

With five kiwi competitors (including Michael Kendall) there was plenty of interest for this kiwi fan. Could one of them become the first kiwi to put their name on the Australian trophy? Click here for Percy's summary of the championship A-Main.

Huntly New Zealand Stockcar Title Night 2

We have a strong contender for meeting of the year. After an amazing night 1 the Stockcar boys and girls went at it again to decide the New Zealand champion. Ably supported by a big field of Superstocks it was the second value for money show in two nights. With reigning champion Asher Rees not racing we were looking for a new New Zealand champion.

Click here for Percy's summary of all 3 heats.

Huntly New Zealand Stockcar Title Night 1

With only one paragraph allotted per group it's impossible to do justice to what was one of the great night of speedway racing. I'll confidently say that tonight will be the number one night of Percy's season. The action started from race 1 and it just went from there.

Even though the meeting went for over 4 hours it never seemed to drag. I did spot a camera filming the action so make sure you make enquiries to purchase the DVD. If they caught half the action it will be worth it. Click here for Percy's summary of all 6 groups.

Kihikihi New Zealand Streetstock Title

If you've never been to a NZ Streetstock Title on the basis of racing at your local track think again. The title meeting always seems to produce entertainment and no doubt some headaches for officials.

Click here for Percy's summary of all 3 heats from Kihikihi Speedway.

Site Update

It was Percy's intention to report from the World 240's but a late night with Barry Brown and Macgor put paid to that! If you are after a summary of the World 240's the excellent Rotorua Website is the place to visit.

Instead I've been hard at work updating various areas of the website. There are updates from the International Midget Series. 2015/16 has been added to the International Midget section and the podium history of the 30, 40 and 50 lappers have been updated. The Teams Nationals podium has been updated with just one year outstanding and the World 240's podium is also updated. Finally, the change in Rees Shield holder has been noted.

Percy will be reporting from night two of the NZ Streetstock Title from Kihikihi Speedway. It will be a learning experience as it's not a class I have a lot of expertise in so it should be fun! I also have no file photo's of Streetstocks so if anyone wants to donate a Streetstock photo it would be greatly appreciated.

Waikaraka Park NZ Stockcar Grand Prix Night 2

The action went up a couple of notches as the Stockcar Grand Prix was decided for the 2015/16 season. The non-qualifiers put on a show despite small numbers, we had Ministocks sent off (and presumably trailered) plus a Saloon sent off for contact. That was just the support acts!

Percy reviews all three heats of the championship. Read by clicking here. This brings an end to the holiday season coverage on Percy's NZ Speedway. I will be out of town for the next couple of speedway events so won't be able to provide coverage. The next event will be the World 240's Superstocks from Rotorua.

Waikaraka Park NZ Stockcar Grand Prix Night 1

Percy's NZ Speedway was in danger of becoming Percy's Midget Speedway because that's just about all I've talked about this season! Having seen a minimal total of Stockcar races to date it was off to Waikaraka Park for Night 1 of the NZ Stockcar Grand Prix. A disappointing field of 61 cars put on some decent racing.

I run through the nights action group by group here

Western Springs World Midget 50 Lapper

The 2015/16 International Midget Series concluded with the great race. The World Midget 50 Lapper, a race made by the great Sleepy Tripp was up for grabs once again. Defending champion 39usa Bryan Clauson was the pre-race favourite at the TAB having won the previous two races in the International Midget Series.

Click here for a summary of the 50-lap Midget feature.

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