Yellow Group
The inventively named Yellow Group featured 19 drivers of which we were taking 12 through to the finals. Heat one got the pulse racing with a huge incident. Down the front straight 57a Aidan Eustace, 93r Gary Hunter and 52p Scott Joblin came together. Hunter went up on two wheels before barrell rolling in spectacular fashion. Hunter would retrieve his wing from the safety fence which will give you some idea of how big the crash was. Once we resumed 94p William Humphries eeked out a lead from the battling pack. However he would cut a tyre with a lap to go which saw 96h Scott Redfern come through for the win from 118r Bryce Steiner, 44r Jason Riedinger, Humphries and 98m Mark Costello. 75s Carl Shearer pulled off late in the race and did not re-appear.

Heat two was hard, fast and to be honest not particularly exciting. Once the first lap pleasantries were exchanged the race fell into a pattern with those who should qualify doing the business. Humphries would make amends for his late drama's in the opening heat by taking out this one ahead of 52p Scott Joblin, 5w Keegan Levien, 98m Mark Costello and 9b Adam Groome.

For many of the drivers a decent finish in the third heat would secure qualification. As it turned out some of them could have stayed in the pits and qualified just on their first two results! Remarkably of the 16 starters all 16 finished and not one driver was lapped. 26s Mitch Vickery was spun early but managed to hold off race leader 98m Mark Costello. Costello taking the win from 52p Scott Joblin, 96h Scott Redfern, 23r Lance Ashton and 5w Keegan Levien.

So by my manual lap scoring (i.e. pretty dodgy) here are my qualifiers:
98m Mark Costello (53pts), 94p William Humphries (52), 5w Keegan Levien (49), 52p Scott Joblin (49), 23r Lance Ashton (44), 96h Scott Redfern (44), 44r Jason Riedinger (43), 9b Adam Groome (42), 118r Bryce Steiner (41), 26s Mitch Vickery (33), 25s Wayne Moss (31), 42a Bernie Fox (31).

Orange Group
The equally creatively named Orange group featured 20 cars. Credit to all the race teams because in a rare occurance all 20 cars fronted for all three races. Numerous cars fell off the pace in the opening heat. 38m Ross Ashby spent time infield before re-joining laps down. 62p Adam Joblin cut a tyre. 136b Maddie Wise was another well off the pace. It was a good battle for the lead in this one but 89w Dale Robertson had a little extra class to call upon, moving his way into the lead and the race win. 87b Thomas Stanaway, 23b Wayne Talbot, 45r Nick Vallance and 72p Simon Joblin rounded out the top five.

Once again heat two was a hard and fast race with a couple of casualties. 23b Wayne Talbot circulated off the pace after early contact. 46w Alan Levien was another to find himself a couple of laps down by race end. Nothing special to talk about in this race won by home town hero 85h Jared Wade from 62p Adam Joblin, 72p Simon Joblin, 136b Maddie Wise and 87b Thomas Stanaway.

With a number of contenders having suffered a bad race there was a little more edge to the third heat in this group. The action focussed around a gaggle of drivers competing for spots in the top 5. The group included 71h Tony Wootton who is probably not the #1 pick for a bloke you'd like to drive next to in a third heat! As it happened 87b Thomas Stanaway somehow ended up deposited on the outskirts of turn 3 by 62p Adam Joblin. Don't think there was any malice involved, just something that happened with drivers racing hard. 72p Simon Joblin winning from 136b Maddie Wise, 45r Nick Vallence, 71h Tony Wootton and 99a CJ Chestnutt.

So by my dodgy manual lap scoring here are my qualifiers:
72p Simon Joblin (54 pts), 85h Jared Wade (48), 45r Nick Vallence (46), 71h Tony Wootton (45), 89w Dale Robertson (42), 99a CJ Chestnutt (42), 87b Thomas Stanaway (41), 9p Brett Hyslop (41), 136b Maddie Wise (40), 23b Wayne Talbot (34), 62p Adam Joblin (34), 46w Alan Levien (24).

Note - Official results have 38m Ross Ashby in for 46w Alan Levien