Auckland vs Kihikihi
883a Brad Wearing and 944k Nigel Hazelton were the reserves for this one. As if the stupid numbers weren't bad enough Kihikihi presented themselves in a beautiful shade of Auckland blue! 383a Gary Lonergan took the early lead only to be shown the wall by the lead Kihikihi runner who was in turn put up the wall by 338a Keegan Orr. That saw the second Kihikihi runner take the lead only to be annihilated by Orr in turn three on the second lap. Orr wasn't finished yet, slamming into a blocker entering turn 1. A quick look around the track and Kihikihi had been obliterated in two laps! 949k Bryce Harding did get going to provide some resistance but it was 1, 2, 3 Alleycats.

Stratford vs North Island Select
8a Logan Peat and I think it was 47s Damo Hiestand were the reserves. This one failed to feature any great hits but was the battle of the blockers. 16b Brett Loveridge made an error in trying to chase down the lead Stratford cars. Loveridge is quick but the likes of 72s Bevan Phillips and 84s Hayden Barker are among the fastest Stockcars in the country. 7a Josh Simpson was a little ineffective relative to the efforts of 33s Tyler Walker who was able to guide Stratford to a 1-2 win.

Rotorua vs Huntly
Perhaps the race of the night. 15h and 535r Robbie Morris were the reserves. A combative opening brought the crowd into the contest. 87h Nevin Shrubb led early but intelligently sidestepped wide with two Rotorua cars looming closely in his mirrors, handing them the lead. The race changed when 7h Dave Moore took 853r Aaron Powell to the turn 3 wall to be followed in by 8h Larry Henderson who put the Rotorua car on it's roof! 24h Brad Philpott was an absolute menace in a block role but exited after a vicious attack which saw his wheel guard ripped open and right rear wheel depart company. Philpott emerged like someone who'd won a 30 million dollar lottery! 7h Dave Moore had the lead and would not be headed.

Baypark vs Palmerston North
13m Brad Horcrott and 263p Stu Sowry were the reserves. The Pumas star was the indestructible 283p Mitchell Pescini. Not so much for what he did but his ability to survive! Pescini was taken head first into the turn 3 wall. I felt for sure the reds would be activated but a couple of laps later Pescini fired up and carried on only to get slammed into the wall at the other end of the track. Surely that was all his car could handle? Nope, he was back for more with seemingly perfect steering and no damage! He was able to block effectively which is more than what Baypark managed, losing their shape to hand the victory to the Pumas.

Stratford vs Kihikihi
32s Mark Duthie sat this one out whilst Kihikihi only fronted with four cars. The missing car had 4's and 9's in it's number. Kihikihi were greatly improved and led through 494k Ayden McPherson. Stratford were struggling to find a blocker until 47s Damo Hiestand popped up. Stratford took the lead and although there were several good hits they were never in danger of losing this one. 72s Bevan Phillips taking the win.

Auckland vs North Island Select
96b Brandon Symes and 838a Hayden Hart sat this one out. After the initial stages Auckland were running one two but it went pear shaped quickly. 338a Keegan Orr was taken to the turn three wall. 383a Gary Lonergan found himself in a bad part of town with no fewer than 3 select Stockcars bearing down on him. In his 100th race Lonergan was taken hard to the turn 3 wall. Orr meanwhile had released himself but failed to see 4g Ben Holt coming at a rate of knots. Holt launched an all or nothing attack which resulted in both going hard backwards into the turn 1 wall. The reds were called to extract Orr and Wearing from the track. Lonergan had no steering and it was all over for the Alleycats. 8a Logan Peat was outstanding for the Select putting himself into the frame for Alleycats selection.

Huntly vs Baypark
The Rees Shield was put on the line for this race, just the 12th race in the 6-year history of the shield. 14m Shane Morgan was on the bench for Baypark whilst Huntly could only field four. Incredibly Philpott was back. The race was punctuated by a big turn three hit. 8h Larry Henderson the man and by process of elimination I think it was 12m Dan Pollock on the receiving end. The Baypark blockers meddled with the Huntly equivalent while race leader 7h Dave Moore circulated without so much as a scratch on the side of the car.

Rotorua vs Palmerston North
283p Mitchell Pescini and 853r Aaron Powell sat this one out. This matchup was a repeat of an earth shattering encounter two years ago at the same venue and didn't disappoint. Rotorua took the early lead running 1-2 but came up against some formidable Palmy blocking. The Pumas took a 1-2 advantage but with around three laps to go encountered some trouble, allowing Rotorua to take back the lead. Sadly for the Rascals that lead lasted less than a lap as Palmy wrestled back the advantage to take a hard fought win in a torrid contest.