Heat 1
555r Daniel Holland and 95a Gary Lonergan were the repechage qualifiers to join the other 24 from night 1. From the drop of the green the field roared into turn 1. Somehow all 26 managed to make it through which was against the odds. The combatants weren't so lucky at the other end of the track as numerous cars spun. 95a Gary Lonergan taking the longest to refire. It didn't take long for the first rollover. I didn't catch what instigated it but 72p Simon Joblin suddenly turned hard right entering turn 3. He headbutted the wall and barrell rolled in spectacular fashion! That was the end of his night. Following an extraordinarily long red light period we went back racing.

With the field racing hard and fast 555r Daniel Holland spun of his own accord through turns 1&2. Many drivers were caught up in the melee which included 94p Williams Humphries and 5w Keegan Levien. 9p Brett Hyslop was fired out backwards towards the turn two wall. The reds required to rescue the car due to the front bumper wrapping itself around the right front tyre. The big mover from the back was 89w Dale Robertson. He was somehow avoiding all the drama and making the right moves. That included effecting a spin on 26s Mitch Vickery to take the 4th running spot. Vickery requiring the reds as he couldn't restart. Local hero 85h Jared Wade won the race from 136b Maddie Wise, 62p Adam Joblin, 89w Dale Robertson, 23r Lance Ashton, 25s Wayne Moss, 52p Scott Joblin, 44r Jason Riedinger, 87b Thomas Stanaway and 9b Adam Groome.

Heat 2
23 cars fronted for heat two. 72p Simon Joblin, 9p Brett Hyslop and one other driver I failed to identify were absent from the grid. This race was hard and fast but lacked the action and drama of the opening heat. 71h Tony Wootton and 95a Gary Lonergan found themselves facing the wrong way in the opening exchanges. 136b Maddie Wise was another to lose ground courtesy of being caught up in a turn 3 spin. The feature battle in the race was between 89w Dale Robertson and 85h Jared Wade. The two masters of the craft never more than a car length apart for a number of laps as they fought for positions at the bottom end of the top five. 98m Mark Costello held the lead for much of the race but 87b Thomas Stanaway ran him down and made the decisive pass. 62p Adam Joblin was third over the line but the officials decided he had been a naughty boy and relegated him a spot. God only knows what for. That elevated hometown hero 85h Jared Wade to third after he got the better of Robertson through lapped traffic late in the race.

After two races points were 85h Jared Wade 50pts, 62p Adam Joblin 47pts, 89w Dale Robertson 45pts, 87b Thomas Stanaway 44pts, 25s Wayne Moss 39pts, 98m Mark Costello 38pts, 23r Lance Ashton 37pts, 94p William Humphries 37pts.

Jared Wade and Adam Joblin had their rear grids whilst Dale Robertson had his front grid to come in the third and final heat.

Heat 3
Numerous cars were missing from the grid including 96h Scott Redfern who may have been a helpful adversary for the points leader. The inside line got the jump off the start which was the the benefit of 89w Dale Robertson. Behind them the rest of the field conspired to make a meal out of turn one having successfully negotiated with larger car counts in the first and second heats. 23b Wayne Talbot copped the worst of it and required removal under a red light. Both 85h Jared Wade and 62p Adam Joblin were affected. 9b Adam Groome led from 89w Dale Robertson. There was a gap back to third, a perfect scenario for Robertson. 5w Keegan Levien quickly went down a lap and assumed a rear gunner role behind clubmate Robertson but couldn't keep pace with the two leaders.

As the race wore on 62p Adam Joblin started destroying the field. Not only did he catch the field he was passing them at will. 85h Jared Wade was not having the same luck, caught in a battle with 23r Lance Ashton whose presence was proving unhelpful for the points leader. 52p Scott Joblin slowed and seemed keen to block the leaders. However when Joblin drifted wide both Groome and Robertson slipped up the inside. Unable to keep pace Joblin drifted back to the chasing pack and succeeded at half spinning in front of 62p Adam Joblin! The resulting contact costing Adam Joblin a spot. Meanwhile mid-pack 99a CJ Chestnutt spun 87b Thomas Stanaway down the front straight to end any chances Stanaway had of winning the title.

52p Scott Joblin decided to make a menace of himself and block half the field. That lead to an almighty kerfuffle exiting turn two. Johnny on the spot was 85h Jared Wade who avoided all of it, vaulting up the leaderboard and suddenly back into contention. Robertson answered with a pass on Groome through lapped traffic to take the race lead. 62p Adam Joblin was also back into it running in the fifth spot. With two to go Joblin passed 94p William Humphries for the fourth spot but with Robertson leading needed one more to force a run-off. 45r Nick Vallance was the man in third but he was just too far out of reach. 89w Dale Robertson taking the race win and with it the North Island Superstock Title. 9b Adam Groome was second in the race from 45r Nick Vallence, 62p Adam Joblin and 94p William Humphries. Wade went across the line in 7th which was enough to force a run-off with 62p Adam Joblin for second. Wade would duely win after an entertaining 4-lap duel.

Late mail suggests Wade was relegated in the run-off for a pole line infringement. There was a left front over the pole line in turns 3&4 on lap 1 but it was hardly worth a relegation. Surely it must have been something else?

In the end things conspired to stop Adam Joblin winning the title. Relegated a spot in heat two proved crucial with Robertson winning by a point. Then there was being held up at the start of heat three. Then there was being impeded by 52p Scott Joblin which cost him a spot. Could he have run down and passed Vallance had he not been impeded? Finally it was Wade grabbing a bunch of spots courtesy of the field being condensed by 52p Scott Joblin. When it's not your night it's not your night. In the end Robertson's move from grid 23 to 4th in the opening heat set up his title and a richly deserved title at that.