SF1 Waikato Raiders vs Wanganui Vulcans
A pleasant if cold afternoon saw a small crowd convene for some Sunday afternoon teams racing. The reserves for the opening semi-final were 28h Sam Vam Amsterdam and 42v Steve Read. There was plenty going on from the start line with cars being spun left right and center. When the race settled down Waikato found themselves running 1-2-3. 2nz Dion Mooney set about changing the race via a block role, picking up and stopping the race leader. Indeed Wanganui were getting themselves back in the race. 67v Nathan Black made an excellent read of the race and changed roles from 3rd runner to blocker. However things were about to go pear shaped for the Vulcans. 2nz Dion Mooney was spun exiting turn two. With Waikato runner 24h Ali Van Amsterdam coming around, Mooney reversed in the correct direction to make a hit. Mooney did just that but in doing so was rolled by Van Amsterdam!

With the Vulcans key man out of the way the pendulum was swinging back in the direction of the Raiders. Still, 22v Scott McIntosh was only around half a lap off the race lead and if things really unravelled 89v Blair Lockett was up on laps as well. However any hope seemed lost as race leader 24h Ali Vam Amsterdam took the white flag. He had to negotiate 89v Blair Lockett who seemed oblivious to the fact the race leader was approaching, preferring to deal with troublesome Waikato blocker 16h Malcolm Read. Lockett spun Read towards to outer wall with the Waikato blocker collecting race leader Van Amsterdam and he tried to pass! Lockett was on Van Amsterdam in a flash, pinning him into the wall. 22v Scott McIntosh took the lead of the race and once clear of the crash scene in turn one there were no further Waikato cars to stop him. A last lap victory for the Vulcans.

SF2 Palmerston North Pumas vs Auckland Alleycats
The mighty Aucklanders were up against the form team of Friday night. Reserves were 838a Hayden Hart and 34p Hamish McLeod. This one exploded early. 383a Gary Lonergan pushed 35p David Lowe into the turn one wall from the drop of the green. 338a Keegan Orr took advantage of the situation to land a pinpoint hit on Lowe exiting turn 2. That appeared to take out Lowe's steering with the Palmy runner on the infield for the rest of the race. Auckland had the early advantage with the race lead and a 4 on 3 numerical advantage. That proved to be short lived as the red light was activated to remove 833a Jamie Ferguson due to a missing wheel guard.

The Pumas were coming back with 32p Alec Wilson making a critical block on 338a Keegan Orr. 33p Luke Miers took the lead though 383a Gary Lonergan wasn't far behind. Miers has good speed for a tank but got cleaned up in turn 1 by 883a Brad Wearing. With Miers out of the way the Alleycats re-took the lead and marched to victory with 338a Keegan Orr taking the chequered. 383a Gary Lonergan was second over the line. The final would be contested by the two teams who came second in their groups on qualifying night.

3v4 Palmerston North Pumas vs Waikato Raiders
Reserves for the consolation final were 36p Justin Cunningham and 21h Tyson Wootton who didn't make it out the gate for this one. Waikato got the better of the opening skirmish with 36h Dave Moore and 24h Ali Van Amsterdam leading the way. 34p Hamish McLeod made a good shot on 28h Sam Vam Amsterdam before the race changed complexion in the matter of seconds. 33p Luke Miers took 24h Ali Van Amsterdam high into turn 3. Just as Miers disengaged from the hit 16h Malcolm Read turned hard right and planted himself into the side of Miers! Ouch. Just as that incident cleared, down the front straight 24h Ali Van Amsterdam rolled 34p Hamish McLeod. Neither Miers nor McLeod would take part in the rest of the race.

All four Raiders were mobile which presented a near impossible situation for the Pumas. The Raiders weren't finished with dishing out the punishment. 16h Malcolm Read landed a blow to 35p David Lowe and 28h Sam Van Amsterdam dealt to 32p Alec Wilson. Faced with the hopeless situation the Palmy guys could have saved their cars and gone infield but to their credit both Lowe and Wilson continued to put everything on the line. The Raiders went on to take the win much to the appreciation of the partisan home crowd who appeared delighted with the 3rd place finish.

Final Auckland Alleycats vs Wanganui Vulcans
Reserves for the main event were 883a Brad Wearing and 67v Nathan Black. 2nz Dion Mooney raced in spite of a siderail shaped like a banana. The start was quite tactical. 2nz Dion Mooney started on the front row regularly over the weekend and sprinted away. However in this race he drove away from the drop of the green then blocked. This allowed 22v Scott McIntosh to take the lead. However when McIntosh pitched his car sideways into turn 3, 338a Keegan Orr went straight ahead and straightlined McIntosh in a huge hit. It would end the McIntosh contribution to the final. 42v Steve Read returned fire for the Vulcans, landing a heavy blow on 838a Hayden Hart. I believe Read even took the lead but that man again 338a Keegan Orr got in behind him, pushed him down the back straight and hard into the turn 3 wall. Read was done for the race and the Vulcans were facing a 4-2 numerical disadvantage.

89v Blair Lockett retired whilst the Alleycats also lost a car. The race was all but over with Mooney vs three Alleycats. Mooney lost his left front tyre to add to an extensive damage list. Mooney is a class act and despite the vehicle issues managed to impede any Alleycat car that dared attempt a pass on him. It was entertaining stuff despite the inevitability of the result. Soon enough the checkered flag fell and the mighty Auckland Alleycats took the win the championship after what was one of the better weekends of Stockcar Team action.