Lincoln Speedway

Last Visited - 2017
Track Distance - 1/4 mile
Facilties - Average
City/Town - Lincoln, Illinois, USA
Website -

Location - In the land of Lincoln it should be easy to find your way to Lincoln Speedway in the town of Lincoln! The track is located almost exactly halfway between Bloomington and Springfield Illinois. Whichever your choice of attack, I-55 will be your Interstate of choice.

Parking - A large field behind the front straight grandstand extends down to and behind what is a voluminous pit area. The limiting factor is more likely to be the seating at the venue rather than any lack of parking. When Percy visited fans were required to pay their entry fee as they entered the car park so have your cash ready as you make the turn into the track.

Premiere Meeting - The All Star Sprintcars visit the track in season 2017 and I imagine they would put on quite the show at this place.

Also worth attending - The MOWA Sprintcars, USAC Midget series, POWRI Midget series, Super Late Model Shootout. There looks to be plenty on the schedule for this track.

Best spot to sit - There is only one spot to sit in the general area and that is the main grandstand. The grandstand is not your traditional model in that fans can bring their own seats and sit on the lower rows. The upper rows are more conventional. It works well. The stand is seperated from the track by a Jacksonville style pit shute arrangement. The only other option is a crew stand located behind turns three and four. Again, it's a fair distance from the track. This track is not the most intimate viewing experience.

Classes run - Winged Sprintcars, Midgets, Pro Late Models, US Modifieds, Hornets, US Street Stocks, Sportsman.

Uniqueness - When I walked into this place I had to check I wasn't at Jacksonville Speedway. It does look similar at first instance but after viewing a nights action it is most certainly different. This place races wider and is not as tight in the turns. The banking is more graduated and of the tracks in the Illinois/Indiana area this one is perhaps one of the more similar to New Zealand tracks.

The size of the pit shute surrounding the quarter mile gives me the thought this track was once a half mile or at least the half mile may be used for another purpose e.g. horse racing. It certainly seems an expansive piece of dirt to just be a pit shute! Also unique was the toilet block which featured old shower curtains instead of toilet doors. I kid you not.