The Best Speedway Video's on the Internet

Below is a selection of Percy's favourite speedway video's on the Internet. Percy does not shoot video's himself but is an avid watcher! If you have a video that should be added to the below list please don't hesitate to contact Percy via the link in the bottom right of this webpage.

Wingless Sprintcars
  • 2015 Indiana Sprint Week

    Loudpedal TV are the leaders in speedway video production. The 2015 Indiana Sprint Week video shows why

  • Sprintcar Smackdown IV

    What happens when you combine wingless sprints and the best sprintcar dirt track on the planet? You get an awesome 4-minute video from Kokomo, Indiana.

  • 2013 Indiana Sprint Week

    Another outstanding production from the Loudpedal team.

Superstock Teams
  • 2016 Superstock Teams Champs Highlights

    Petrolfumes is one of our premiere sources of speedway video content. His highlights package of the 2016 Superstock Teams Champs is one of the best

  • 2014 Superstock Teams Champs Highlights

    Every year the Superstock Teams Champs produces high quality action packed racing. 2014 was no exception. Aaron Watson was on hand to capture the action

  • 2014 Superstock Teams Nationals

    Waikaraka Park hosts it's Superstock Teams Event every year. The event has developed a reputation for quality over quantity. PKS shoots the action.

Feature Length
  • Midgets, Methanol and the 1/4 Mile Dream

    The full story of the kiwi team who took their cars to the Chili Bowl to take on the best in the world at the Tulsa Expo Centre

  • Shane Penn Tribute

    Superstock driver Shane Penn was one of the most loved drivers prior to his untimely retirement folowing a big crash at the Superstock Teams Nationals

  • Smack Torque Episode 7 - Peter Rees

    Peter Rees is perhaps the greatest contact class driver in the history if NZ Speedway. The Smack Torque boys created a special episode exclusively on him

Big Crashes
  • Jimmy Crawford Wingless Sprintcar

    Along with providing some of the most exciting action on track, wingless sprintcars also provide big carnage when things go wrong

  • Sydney Speedway Midget Crash

    To flip from the pole line to the fence is quite something at a New Zealand track. It takes on a whole new aspect at a track like Sydney Speedway.

  • Don't Spin Malcolm Ngatai

    In Superstock racing some drivers are best avoided. Off the track Malcolm Ngatai is one of the nice guys of the sport. On the track not so much!

  • Greatest Hits 2012/13

    Steve the Maori's selection of the big hits and crashes from the 2012/2013 speedway season. This video has an excellent variety of classes featuring tracks from the upper north island.

  • NZ Superstocks 1980-2011

    Some great footage from all sorts of sources covering 30 years of New Zealand Superstock racing. Fans of straighlining will like what they see here.

  • WTF Speedway Moments

    If your looking for out of control bikes, out of control riders, insane crashes and punch up's you'll love this. Nicki Pedersen makes several appearances.

World Midget 50 Lapper
  • 2018 Race

    A late change to race day due to inclement weather saw a very rare daylight running of the great race. Petrolfumes shoots the footage

  • 2017 Race

    The track surface used in 2017 was abrasive which took it's toll on tyres. It made for an interesting race where pacing yourself and conserving equipment was essential. Proudkiwi videos.

  • 2016 Race

    Not a great race for our overseas visitors! On a heavy track which contributed to a number of incidents the kiwis recorded a podium sweep, the first since 2000/01.

The Burg
  • 2018 Midget Week

    Midgets at Lawrenceburg and a mixture of high speed, insane slide jobs and scary speed. The track never fails to produce awesome racing.

  • World of Outlaws

    The greatest show on dirt annually visits the Burg on Memorial Day. They come from far and wide to take on the best in the business.

  • Non-Wing Fall Nationals

    The Burg doesn't normally race right to the wall but what a show when it does. What better class to showcase the track.