Race 1
A good field of around 23 cars presented for the opening heat. In typical Superstock fashion the first couple of laps were brilliantly chaotic. 17a Murray Kitt was an unfortunate victim of the mid-pack action, spat out into the turn three wall. He was able to continue but was not a factor in the race. 28s Blair Uhlenberg was the early race leader and looked good value for it, showing a clean pair of heels. Also impressive was 95a Gary Lonergan in a recently purchased car. Lonergan up into second place before his right rear tyre failed.

Lonergan wasn't the only one to experience a right rear tyre failure. A mystery as to the cause because the track was displaying ideal conditions. Pre-event favourite 58p Peter Bengston rose through the field to finish in second place ahead of a competitive Rotorua duo, 37r Ken Hunter and 33r Robbie Mabey. 218h Aaron Alderton rounded out the top 5 ahead of 42a Bernie Fox. Race winner Uhlenberg completed the last lap having joined the flat right rear club whose membership was plentiful.

Race 2
A slightly reduced field appeared for the second instalment. Once again the race was busy over the first couple of laps. In an incredible "lightning strikes twice" moment, 17a Murray Kitt was spat out the pack in turn three again! Once again Kitt was not a factor. 95a Lonergan survived a brief wall ride but other that that the action was perhaps slightly subdued but still hard and fast. Bengston took command of the race with Lonergan in second place.

Uhlenberg looked the goods once again and would have recorded a second podium but for a last corner incident. It appeared Uhlenberg took 741a Craig Chatfield to the turn four wall on the final corner. It seemed a strange tactic and indeed the ensuing red light to retrieve a wheel perhaps indicated Uhlenberg may have lost the wheel prior to his right hand turn. The incident would see 96h Thomas Joyce vault into third whilst Chatfield recovered to pip Uhlenburg for fourth on the line. 38m Ross Ashby rounding out the top 6.

Race 3
So after two heats 58p Bengston led the way with 45 points, three ahead of 28s Uhlenberg on 42. Third was reportedly 741a Chatfield but he did not appear for the third heat. In reality it was a two-horse race unless both front runners failed to finish. 16 cars fronted for the final race and the drama unfolded on the grid. Usually in a title the unfilled grids are left free but on this occasion the inside lane was moved up the grid. Bengston, who was at the rear of the inside line the big benefactor.

As with most third heats there was a little more on the line and that's reflected in the racing. Uhlenberg was a man on a mission in the early going, passing Bengston and showing magnificent speed. We witnessed our one rollover of the title and what a beauty it was. 218h Alderton copped a shot to the left rear at the end of the front straight. His car lurched to the right, in to the wall and over she went! He was almost joined in the rollover club by a couple of others. 38m Ross Ashby saved a huge bicycle in cemetary bend and 95a Gary Lonergan saved the bicycle of all bicycles in the very same corner.

There was a bit of action when race leader 6h Shay Hambling was slowed by another car but for the most part there wasn't a lot of biffo. It was an honest race which suited 42a Bernie Fox who took the spoils from near the front. Uhlenburg made it all the way through to second (from the back) with Joyce and Hambling ahead of Bengston. Mathematicians reading this will be aware that's enough spots to force a run off. 96h Thomas Joyce claimed third overall but our lead duo were heading to a run-off.

Bengston got a good jump to lead away. The first lap was a good one for the Palmy veteran whilst Uhlenberg struggled through 3&4, bouncing like a kid on a trampoline. Lap two couldn't have been any different. Bengston wide on both corners, allowing Uhlenberg to cut the gap and get on his bumper. Bengston was on the brakes as they completed lap two. Uhlenberg drove Bengston through cemetary bend, driving him wide and getting up the inside. Uhlenberg drove Bengston hard into the turn two wall, from front of the 58p rearing up like a Sprintcar. Bengston cut a front tyre in the melee but Uhlenberg wasn't to know, utilising his rear bumper for another lap until driving away on the final circuit to take a memorable run-off win.